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Jouviance is pleased to welcome you to its US website, jouviance.us. We invite you to take a moment to carefully read and understand our General Terms and Conditions, which are outlined clearly below. Should you choose to browse our website without reading the General Terms and Conditions, please note that you are nonetheless bound by the conditions therein contained.

These Conditions are for the end consumer exclusively, namely, any person 18 years and over not transacting as a retailer.

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Jouviance cannot be held liable for the improper use or purchase of the products it sells.

Jouviance cannot be held responsible for:

The non-operation or temporary interruption of service as well as any inability to access the website—whenever possible, Jouviance will inform customers of upcoming website maintenance and/or updates to minimize site navigation problems.
The improper use of jouviance.com caused by external factors (non-compliant equipment, Internet slowdowns, etc.)
Any indirect damage resulting from viruses, hacking, loss of customer data or records during transactions on jouviance.us.


Information contained throughout jouviance.us, including images, product descriptions, advice, prices and other text or visual representations, are for information purposes only. Jouviance makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and timely updating of information on its website, and reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, all content. All errors that may potentially arise will be amended once verified/validated.

Representation of products or services on jouviance.com does not, at any time, guarantee that these products or services will be available indefinitely and at all times.


jouviance.us was developed to promote Jouviance products and services in addition to providing an online shopping service to customers. The website includes text, information, descriptions, images, content, videos, and other online material that are trademark- and copyright-protected. As such, it is against the law to modify, use, or reproduce any of the information or material for public or commercial purposes, infringe upon personal privacy, or fail to respect the Conditions outlined on this website. Any unauthorized use will be reported to the appropriate authorities and subject to legal proceedings.